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Spend your advertising budget where it

How would you like to track the results of your advertising spending?
Read on.

How it works

Success = Sales = Profits. To generate sales you need to advertise and promote your website. One very effective way to reach visitors fast is to advertise in paid search engines, like Overture, FindWhat, Google, Ah-ha, and others. You place a small ad and pay the search engine per each click. Since you pay per click costs grow pretty fast. If the visit results in a sale, it was money well spent. But what if you are paying for "empty" clicks? Passers-by who buy nothing? Then your advertising money goes down the drain!

I have developed an Online Advertising Expense Tracking System to track the costs of advertising. I originally developed and tested this system for our own websites.

With my system you can track any online campaign.

Track your Return-On- Investment on Search Engines, Banner Campaigns, Email Campaigns or any other custom campaigns you may have.

For each keyword you use on search engines, I can tell you precisely how many visitors were brought to your website, how many orders were created, and what the conversion ratio is.

I have a basic software package. In addition to the software license you will need my Customization Service.


The benefits of using my Online Advertising Expense Tracking System 

� No more blind spending. No more gambling.

� Arm yourself with the knowledge of which search terms bring in the most new customers and the most orders.

� Cut your advertising budget by paying only for those keywords that produce sales.

� Make more sales with fewer advertising dollars.

� Discover your conversion Rate: how many visits to your site convert to a sale?

� Test your keywords on one search engine; then Promote the keywords with proven performance to all the other engines.

Know down to the penny your Return on Investment (ROI): how much revenue is generated per each dollar spent on advertising.


Banner Tracking and Analysis Software

� Monitor a single Web site.
� Track data from any number of search engines (in addition to the pay-per-click search engines).
� Track your own events. If you offer a trial package you can then track requests and the conversion rate from requests to sales. You can track email newsletter signups or if you offer additional information requests, you can track those and the conversion rate from information requests to sales.
� You can access you reports online.
� Reports can be filtered by date range.
� Available Reports: - Summary by Keyword Report - Summary For Each Banner Report - 


Setting up the Online Advertising Expense Tracking System

Setting up the Banner Tracking and Analysis software for your Web site is a three-step process:
1. First I put in the tracking code on the web pages you want to track.
2. Second, I modify the URLs used in pay-per-click search engines to link to your site so I can properly track visitors.
3. Third, I put in the tracking code in your sales web pages to relate sales to clicks. I am able to track a sale only if the client uses the same computer that was used for the initial visit.


Price and Quote

Please call for a quote and the cost of service.
If you have any questions, email Fred Mikan or call us at 310-880-5865.

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